*An old and torn note, being held in place by a rusty dagger*

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*An old and torn note, being held in place by a rusty dagger*

Post  Thorian on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:08 pm

"This note makes a really weathered impression."

'Ello lads,

Time has rapidly moved on since the last time i reported anything to you lads. Well, i'm not sure if this will ever reach our noticeboard. But if it does, well.. you'll know that i'm still alive and that i'm makin' lots of progress here. The only downside is that there's no-one else here in a radius of a few hundred miles, not friendly atleast he-heee. Luckily, after a few weeks i found this lad who said he could bring a small note back to Azeroth. Normally i would've send Duncan after him because of his shady appearance but he was the only chance of communicating with ye lads that i've had all the time i've been out here. The weather is changing continuesly which is makin' me and Duncan grumpy and ontop of that, the old castle i'm using for shelter is far from waterproof and since i can barely find any wood for a campfire it will not be long before i am forced back to Azeroth or take my chances and go further up East and hope things are better there. But i'm not goin' anywhere for several days because five humans entered the castle i'm using for shelter yesterday. At first i tried to talk to them and see if i could get any food or other supplies from them, or even some map information but unfortunately they didn't seem very intrested in talkin'. One lad grabbed his rifle and took a shot at me which made a light wound but a large enough wound to ruïn my day. I got them ran easily tough when i initiated one of the weapons that i've engineered recently, he-hee. But i'll be alright, i just wanted to say tell you lads to take care of yourselves and your mates. And remember: Always look at the horizon at dawn, for one day. Me and Duncan will return! Oh and this place even has those darned Murlocs. Gah!

We will meet again,

Thorian Fluxhammer, First Cadet in The Gigafluxguard.
*The last few words are really small since it seems that there wasn't any room left.*

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