*A third neat written letter, hanging next to the others*

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*A third neat written letter, hanging next to the others*

Post  Falkireohan on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:09 am

Light's Hope, 2009

Dear Gigaflux,

What a mess of no sleep for the past three days! Was glad when
I finally arrived in Light's Hope, just woke up from a long sleep.

I heard Brewfest started! Really unfortunate I won't be there to
celebrate the feast, but if things will go well here I'll probably be
there to celebrate the end of the fest with you guys.

In an hour I'll move out again, and still, I won't be able to tell you
all where to. When I'm back in Ironforge you'll hear it all from the
first person.

Anyway. this was the last letter I'm sending you. I'll go move north
now, then. See you in a couple of weeks, I hope!

Cpl. Falkireohan Tinkersmith
*A neat autograph is written at the bottom of the letter*

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