A dwarf down

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A dwarf down

Post  Cogwrecker on Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:12 pm

*The letters are crammed together and almost cut into the paper with far more force than it should have taken to write them down*
Upon an excursion into Khaz Modan, with the objective to free the mountains of some of the vile Dark Irons, performed this friday, our patrol found a dwarf, dressed in copper armour, wielding a large, aswell as heavy, wooden hammer, light skin-tone and a greyish brown beard, lying dead nearby a small dwarven building in south-eastern Dun Morogh on a cliff by Helm's Bed Lake. Should anyone have, or find, any information about this deseased dwarf he or she should report it here at first chance. The body has been taken to Thelsamar and awaits transportation to any relatives.
*The note ends with the same hard, pounded-in letters declaring it signed by:*
Recruit Theddra Cogwrecker


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