There is a darkened paper hanging on the board.

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There is a darkened paper hanging on the board.

Post  Cogwrecker on Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:04 am

*A thick paper, black runes having been burned into it with heated iron, covers most of the board. The scorched paper has something ominous about it.*

To The Gigaflux Guard...

We have something of yours: a cadet. If you ever wish to see Theddra Cogwrecker alive you will pay us the sum of five hundred gold coins. It will be left in a brown leather bag at the entrance to Ironbeard's Tomb, this saturday. If not, we will start sending pieces of your little soldier back, one by one, til we get the money, or you have everything that was her.
Don't do anything stupid, for she will not live to regret it.
We also demand an end to the raids of our encampments, and that you cease your interferences with our plans, or we will hunt your every steps and end you one guard of Gigaflux at a time. Tell your failure of a king this, and tell him that the mountains of Khaz Modan belongs to us!
Power to the Dark Irons and the Anvilrage! Death to Ironforge by Shadowforge! Long live the emperor! Tremble before the might Ragnaros!

Baluria Ashensteps, the elder

*The three sigils of Anvilrage's burning anvil, Shadowforge's shadowfilled forge and emperor Thaurassian's seven flames has been added to the bottom of the page in what looks suspiciously like dried blood.*


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Re: There is a darkened paper hanging on the board.

Post  Falkireohan on Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:34 pm

*The thick, darkened paper has been removed, even though there are still signs of the heated iron*

The cake is a lie.

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