Applicants: Read me!

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Applicants: Read me!

Post  Falkireohan on Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:12 pm

Greetings, fellow World of Warcraft player!

So, you're willing to join The Gigaflux Guard. Great! First of all, please notice you'll have to:
- Be a Gnome or Dwarf to join.
- Be able to make it to level 17 some time. This is the minimum level our uniform requires you to be.

Now then, joining The Gigaflux Guard is simple. All you'll have to do, is come to our office in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge. It's the house just south of the Tinker Town entrance.
If there's nobody in the office, please adress one of our guild members in whisper to ask if there are any recruiting officers online. Currently, the recruiting officers are:
- Eugene (Sergeant Eugene Flamesprocket)
- Falkireohan (Corporal Falkireohan Tinkersmith)
Of course, other officers are capable of recruiting you too.

Tips for looking like a mature, expert roleplayer:
- Always use capitals at the start of sentences, and end your sentences with dots.
- Try use correct grammar. Sometimes this is hard, and trust me, I have experience with it being hard, but just try to!
- Use the '/e' emote system a lot. Just saying things won't always do, the expression of your character is of importance.
- Try and yell as less as possible. Only yell when necessary.
- Never say Out of Character messages in the say chat. If you want to say something out of character, use the whisper chat or guild chat.
- Download the 'FlagRSP2', 'MyRoleplay' or 'ImmersionRP2' addons. Having one of these addons installed on your computer will directly show you're an experienced roleplayer, and will give you the opportunity to show additional character-looks to others.

Good luck!


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Re: Applicants: Read me!

Post  UmbrogzAufDoom on Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:29 pm

I accidently read even thou I aint applicant, soz falk.

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