Operation Tank Rush

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Operation Tank Rush

Post  Eni on Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:48 pm

Mechanised strider team Alpha will deploy at Dawn's Reach.

G.A.C. will deploy a paratrooper team Bravo at Thorson's Post.
Team Bravo will make use of the steamtanks at the post.

Both teams will then move towards the bridge and secure it.
Once the bridge has been secured both teams will merge into team Charlie.
And destroy the bridge.

Charlie will then move to Mausoleum.
The Mausoleum must be explored.
There are far too many Scourge pouring out of it for it to not have another exit.
Find the second exit and try to tunnel it in.

Then team Charlie will extract through a portable wormhole.

Should things get too though for any of the teams rendezvous location will be as following:
Alpha: Dawn's Reach
Bravo: Thorson's Post
Charlie: Wintergrade Keep

Teams will be deployed tonight at 20:00.

Any questions?

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Re: Operation Tank Rush

Post  UmbrogzAufDoom on Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:15 pm

Dibbs oon Bravo!

But buying a farm is a good thing, right? So why does that have to mean dying? wait no, that don't make no sense. sold a farm, lost a farm, farm burnt down. It makes no god damn sense.

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