*Large, bright purple piece of parchment*

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*Large, bright purple piece of parchment*

Post  Jorkinn on Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:41 pm

Dear all Gigafluxers.

I am currently searching for test subjects to try out some of my newer inventions. Along with general merriment, fun, and laughs, I shall also be paying out large amounts of gold to those whom are interested.

*A large, scribble like word is written here, a 'J' at the start noticeable*

Cadet Jorkinn. W. Sprazzlepocket, Experimental Engineer and Gnomish Field Medic

*Scrawled beneath quickly in tiny text*
I am not responsible for any harm, problems, or general accidental issues caused by this testing, and any threats shall be taken personally, and I shall have to release Tinny on you

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