*Another neatly written letter, hanging next to the original one*

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*Another neatly written letter, hanging next to the original one*

Post  Falkireohan on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:57 am

Southshore, 2009

Dear Gigaflux Guard,

I have arrived in Southshore, at last! The trip with the caravan was long, but I saw a lot of the landscape. From now on I'll move all alone on Edon, my steed. I'll be in Light's Hope in three to five days.

Afraid I still won't be able to write you anything about the mission, due to the interception posibilities of this letter. But please, send me something about the status in Gigaflux! How are you guys doing there! Send the letter to Light's Hope, the P.H.O.N.E. will arrive way earlier than I will. So, send something! I wish I was in Ironforge drilling you guys!

Anyway, when I'm in Light's Hope I'll send my last letter to Ironforge. The project will start from there, and will probably take several weeks.

So, please, send something to Light's Hope on the Guard's status! I'm not sure if you're actually getting my letters, really.

Cpl. Falkireohan Tinkersmith
*A neat autograph is written at the bottom of the letter*

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